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Lassie's Garage offer

Technology and performance

We weld using the method TIG, w procesie wykorzystujemy metodę formowania, by We weld using the TIG method, and in the process we use the forming method by letting the forming gas inside the welded element. This ensures perfect melting and optimal exhaust gas flow for a given engine.This ensures perfect melting and optimal exhaust gas flow for a given engine.

More power and pure sound

Personalized solutions increase the power of vehicles and add pure sound exhaust system, which are unattainable with serial solutions.


4xP process: Precision Positivness Perfection Product

Lassie's Garage is a stainless steel workshopwhich carries out orders according to the principle of the process 4xP: precision, positiveness, perfection, product. 

Complete exhaust systems

  • equidistant tubular-type exhaust manifolds

  • downpipe

  • straight and chamber silencers

  • sports catalysts

  • muffler tips

  • variable sound exhaust systems (thanks to the exhaust valves, the volume can be adjusted using the remote control)

Complete intake systems

  • custom inlet / intake manifolds

  • intakes for the original cans air filter or conical filter

We operate comprehensively

We treat the process of cooperation with the client as a whole, i.e. from consulting, through the design stage, production after assembly and installation. We have own transport.


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