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Lassie's Garage

is a stainless steel workshop that carries out individual customer orders. We support the industry, including the automotive industry, but also create products for individual customers.

Guarantee of quality

Quality, aesthetics and punctuality are just some of the advantages of working with us. An experienced and specialized team is a guarantee of maintaining Swiss precision of products and installations.


We use stainless and acid-resistant steels for production. When processing steel, we use the most modern welding methods matched to the product and the expected quality of the welds (TIG, Before welding - stainless steel is precisely prepared based on the methods of guillotine cutting, laser cutting, water cutting, cutting and also machining.

We operate comprehensively

We treat the process of cooperation with the client as a whole, i.e. from consulting, through the design stage, to production, assembly and installation. We have our own transport.

We invite you to cooperation.


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